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At Neofollics we always work from scientific insights and developments. This makes our products of high quality and scientifically proven to combat the greying of the hair. We are therefore happy to tell you more about the Neofollics experiences of our customers.

Female (42) with diffuse hair loss on top of the head and greying hair. This woman has used the product in conjunction with the treatment for thinning hair.

Treatment for colourful and healthy hair

The Neofollics treatment for colourful and healthy hair contains a powerful combination of the Neofollics Anti-Grey Tablets in combination with the Neofollics Hair Growth Supporting Tablets.By using the Neofollics Anti-Grey Tablets

Dr. Mustafa Alhazam

Boardmember of the Arabic Academy of Dermatologists

The last 6 years i am working with patients with a haircondition like Alopcia Areata. Ever since I enclosed Neofollics in my treatments I have found the right products to assist me to combat hair loss. The products of Neofollics not only help to prevent hair loss but also to stimulate new hair growth.

Mrs. Anita Kirby

Head of Tricholoy Ireland

Neofollics has helped us to achieve the best results for our clients. It is a fantastic product with the capabilities to replace the current chemicals and drugs currently on the market to combat hair loss. The user-friendliness and the fine ingredients ensure that our clients can use the products daily. The neofollics products show that improvement and conservation occur in hair growth together with a healthy scalp.

Hedie Scheepers

Director Hair institute Netherlands

Hairinsitute Netherlands is the expert on the field of hair loss. As a specialist we only use products of the highest quality. We chose for the productline of Neofollics Hair Technology because of the highly innovative products that work. We are very satisfied with the use of the Neofollics products and see great results with our clients.

Frequently asked questions

Greying of the hair is a slow proces. The first results become visible after using the products consistenly for three months.

For this question we created a questionnaire which will give you the advice that suits your hair situation. Please go the the top right corner and start the Personalised Hair Advice tool.

We are always happy to see your results and look if we can further improve the situation. Please contact us at or leave a product review at one of our product pages.

Proven products for us is that all the ingredients we use have are scientifically proven to reduce hair loss or improve hair growth. Furthermore we get great feedback from the dermatologist, scientist and laboratories we work with.

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We are glad to help you with your hair problems. Please contact us with your question and we will do our upmost best to help you achieve the best hair condition possible.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If a product is not quite what you expected, we will be happy to contact you to find the solution that you are satisfied with.

Shipping through India

Neofollics Hair Technology ships through entire India making sure your orders are delivered quickly.

High-quality products are of great importance to us. So you will find no harmful substances such as SLS and other sulfates, silicones and parabens in our products.


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